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Ephesians Bible Study


Walk Worthy  is a verse-by-verse, inductive Bible study that walks through all six chapters of Ephesians.  There are daily scripture readings and study questions that follow. [five daily assignments a week for eight weeks] 


Interspersed with these scripture readings and study questions are guided commentary and points of application- allowing the reader to truly study and know well this book of Ephesians.  (Have you ever done a Bible study and felt like you didn't learn anything??  Or couldn't walk away with any application? We are very optimistic that this will not be the case with this study!)


Topics such as redemption and forgiveness, godly speech and humility, marriage and motherhood are all studied.


Whether you're brand-new or a lifetime veteran of Bible study, you'll be able to work your way through this book. Expect 30ish minutes of work daily - this is really a verse-by-verse study.  And, please, just ask us if you have any questions!