Our Story

 Meet The Team 

 Anna Walker 

   lover of the Triune God, her church, scripture,    sweetarts,  and real-sugar Coke.

   Plus coffee. Always coffee.


Why Surpassing Worth:

Ministering to women in her local church is her heartbeat and deepest joy, and Anna grew a desire to share the resources she created for her local church - like verse-by-verse Bible studies - with women everywhere: that all women would truly know the surpassing worth of Christ through the intentional study of scripture.

What She's Up to Currently:

pastor’s wife of seventeen super happy years (although saying seventeen out loud makes her feel super old),  seminary student (yay southern baptist theological seminary!), mom, lover of cookbooks and coffee (with no sugar but lots of real cream),  women's ministries director and teaching coordinator at her local church (that she loves deeply). 


How Scripture Became So Personal:


It was a cold day in February 2012 when Anna sat on the doctor's table, awaiting some test results, when she and her husband were shocked to hear the words indicative of multiple sclerosis.  Those words led to a whirlwind season of medical testing and more medical testing, ending with an official diagnosis of MS.  Through that season Anna would spend the early morning hours sitting with her coffee and often tear-stained Bible, searching for help and hope in a trying season.  It was through these early mornings and initial anxiety over facing such a heavy diagnosis that the truth of scripture became so deeply personal and the Lord began to work in her life to know, live, and love the Word of God...and the God of the Word.  After grappling with her diagnosis, the grace of God worked in her life so she can now deeply, personally, and confidently say that her hope is as a sure and steady anchor, planted firmly in the holy of holies. (Hebrews 6:1)